The procrastination phenomenon leads to squandering time in wrong things and putting off important tasks until it is too late. Unfortunately, the most chronic procrastinators spend years in this cycle. In some cases, procrastination can help improve a situation if the benefits of delaying an action outweigh the risks of moving forward fast. In most […]

Luigi Wewege Offers Perspective on Latest Australian Entrepreneurial Endeavors

  Australian entrepreneurs are among some of the very most creative professionals, which is why many of the most interesting and innovative products and services to be recently released have originated out of an Australian entrepreneurial endeavor. Luigi Wewege, a financial services professional with a keen eye for recognizing innovative business practices, has been consistently […]


There is simply no denying the amount of progress that has been made in terms of the continuing commitment to the sustainable and renewable energy industries, but it is equally undeniable that there are still many obstacles preventing the amount of alternative energy industry growth needed to truly prevent the many difficulties caused by global […]