5 Reasons Why Smart People Prepare For Emergencies


Many people in our modern western society live comfortable lives. Even the things that are uncomfortable for us are relatively physically non-threatening. The discomfort we feel might be the stress of a large bill, the tension in a relationship, or a sense of depression due to stagnancy. It is rare that we are faced with real physical threats. Our distance from real physical dangers and discomfort make it even more important for us to prepare for emergencies. Because severe and dangerous situations are not a part of our everyday lives, we need to think ahead about what we would need during a disaster in order to be adequately prepared. It can be easy to dismiss this need, but the smartest among us consider the possibility for these five reasons:

1. The Rewards Of Preparing Outweigh The Risk

It can take time, energy, and resources in order to prepare for an emergency. The risk that you face is that you will prepare and then disaster will not strike, and you will have wasted time and money. That can deter some, but intelligent people consider the fact that the consequences will be very high for not preparing. Yes, it does take some work to get everything together, but is that worth it when the chaos and disaster strikes and you are able to start a fire and ward off hypothermia? Intelligent people make this connection and see that the reward of preparing is well worth it. The consequences of not being prepared could include death, and that risk isn’t worth it.

2. Disasters Happen Quickly

Emergency situations are not gradual affairs. When an emergency happens, people are usually caught off guard. There may be no time to gather the supplies that you need, pack, and make other arrangements. From experience and research we know that when disasters strike, they strike without much forewarning. Preparation is key because it puts you out on top and in a position where you can help others instead of needing assistance yourself or relying on any outside source.

3. Human Bodies Need Water

Intelligent people know that without water, a human body will quickly fail to function. The human body maintains a balance of water within the cells, and a lack of water intake will cause dehydration, loss of organ function, and eventual death. My Patriot Supply offers many water filtration devices. Water is key to survival, and the wise among us know that this necessity will be prominent in chaotic situations.

4. A Food Source Can Mean The Difference Between Strength and Weakness

Many people fail to prepare for emergencies because they can not imagine what it would be like to not live with the modern conveniences that they enjoy. Yes, it takes some imagination to fathom life without a grocery store, but it is worth thinking about. In an emergency situation, a food source would mean the difference between strength and weakness; the difference between survival and death. Wise individuals maintain a short term supply of food for short bursts of chaos, as well as the resources necessary for long term food collection. Companies like My Patriot Supply offer seeds, hunting equipment, and way to heat food. These items are essential to a well planned emergency supply.

5. Small Items Can Save Lives

People who have been through medical emergencies know that at times of crisis, a small pill, gauze, or tourniquet can save lives. Whether a crisis involves a small town or an entire country, there is a probability that traumas will occur. In addition, the normal methods of getting care would not be functioning. Because of this, small items that are low cost and easy to obtain would make a huge difference. Aspirin, bandages, gauze, and other first aid items can save lives.

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