About Marlon Kobacker

addtext_com_MTQ0MDI5MjcyMTY5An expert in the field of clean energy finance and sustainable design, Marlon Kobacker has thus far enjoyed a 13-year career in which he has been a driving force in the advancement of sustainable development the world over. Now the leader of the sustainability advisory business of Clean Energy Corporation Australia (CECA), Mr. Kobacker plays a central role as the company seeks to achieve its goal of providing clients with comprehensive services relating to sustainable development, including engineering, procurement, construction, design, installation and more. Mr. Kobacker oversees several key aspects of the company’s operations, and his keen insight has been instrumental in enhancing the efficacy of CECA’s services in innumerable ways, benefiting services ranging from solar feasibility studies to climate change adaptation strategies.

A native of Australia who earned a Master of the Built Environment in Sustainable Design from the University of New South Wales, Mr. Kobacker has worked in a variety of leadership and advisory positions both at home and abroad. With previous experience that includes AECOM, Arup, Cundall, Edge Environment and Transurban, Mr. Kobacker can point to countless international endeavors that have significantly benefited from his expertise and nuanced insight with regard to project planning, stakeholder engagement and sustainability analytics. In fact, his lengthy track record of success has further bolstered his international reputation in such a substantial manner that it has enabled Mr. Kobacker to field and accept numerous requests for public speaking engagements at international conferences held in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Mr. Kobacker is a LEED accredited professional, and he has remained consistently involved in a number of professional organizations while continuing to earn additional industry certifications and accreditations. In addition to the United States Green Building Council conveying him status as a LEED accredited professional, Mr. Kobacker has earned Green Star Accreditation from the Green Building Council of Australia as well as Infrastructure Sustainability Accreditation from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

With his vast professional experience and strong academic background, Mr. Kobacker has been able to enjoy a great deal of success in a wide variety of positions within the industry, including consulting, lecturing and advisement roles in addition to the extensive leadership and management roles he has held throughout his career. As one of the truly innovative forces in the sustainable design and development industry, Mr. Kobacker has always believed that progress is best achieved when information is willingly shared and creativity is sincerely encouraged.

Mr. Kobacker along with Mr. Cronan have recently begun Sustainable Future Group.