Luigi Wewege Offers Perspective on Latest Australian Entrepreneurial Endeavors


luigi wewege Entrepreneurial EndeavorsAustralian entrepreneurs are among some of the very most creative professionals, which is why many of the most interesting and innovative products and services to be recently released have originated out of an Australian entrepreneurial endeavor. Luigi Wewege, a financial services professional with a keen eye for recognizing innovative business practices, has been consistently impressed by what he has seen out of Australian innovators in recent years, but he is also conflicted on the release of one product in particular: canned air.

It seems that the latest Australian product to generate overseas appeal is one that originally began as a novelty item. Green and Clear Air intended to sell its canned air to tourists visiting one of Australia’s many locations in which the crisp, clean air and idyllic natural setting served as the main draw for travelers, but it turns out the polluted air in China has led to an increased demand for actual canned air to be imported from Australia for purchase by residents of cities in China.

The cans, which require the use of a face mask attachment in order to inhale the 100-plus breaths of clean, Australian air, go for close to $20 apiece and are already quite popular in China. The mere fact that there is real demand for such an item should serve as an eye-opener regarding the severity of ongoing pollution in places all over the world and should underscore the potential consequences of failing to act quickly to correct the underlying causes of global climate change.

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