You Have to Offer What A Customer Wants, Not What Will Sell

“Too often companies offer what they think will be popular or what they deem as worthy to be a product. This is not the way to go about doing business. In fact, this sort of logic will lose you more customers in the end. You have to offer something tangible. Something that is already proven to be tested in the markets. Something that a customer is already itching to buy, then showcase it in a way that has never been done before”.

Brian Speier

This is just one of many items on the checklist business owners need to be looking into, according to Brian. Brian has made a career out of guiding business owners towards the right direction when it comes to selling or buying products. According to Brian, those that do not follow at least some of the items on this list are bound to repeat the same business mistakes they have always repeated.

Are you currently a business owner?

You may find what Brian has to say informative. Below you will find a few other tips that Brian offers to business owners across the country.

1) You need to get a cashflow right away. It is the lifeline and blood of any business. Those who go without it are going to be in short supply of everything necessary to survive. Once you get the right type of cash up front, the gap will never be an issue.

2) Try to find ways to keep the costs down. This may seem hard at times. Most business owners have to balance their personal choices against what is good for the business. As long as you can keep a clear head on this, you will be fine. Get rid of any cost that is not necessary right away. The more you hold fast to it, the more it will weigh you down.

3) Some like to overestimate the revenues and underestimate the costs. You think,” this will not cost much”. You have to switch this thinking around. Those who are conservative on their numbers can work themselves out of any jam.

4) Some owners like to think that an interest will lead to a sale. This is not always true. Nothing in life happens until the sale is complete. You have to find a way to convert the interest level into a sales level. Think of it in terms of a social media page. It is the same as converting that “like” into a “subscription”. Same rules apply here too. Do not focus on getting the brand right until you have some leads to work with. No brand is going to work or move forward without the leads to back it up.

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